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The scams in the digital world are at their peak nowadays, especially in the crypto market industry. Every day you will see a complaint about their stolen funds. None of the software wallets are prone to it, thus continuously putting the stored funds at risk. Even the MetaMask Extension wallet is not completely safe from these cyber security breaches. However, there are certain measures that you as a user can take to minimize the risk being placed on your funds.

In this blog, we will make you aware of this cyber security topic, entailing you with the types of security scams and what to do if you’re scammed. So, let us not take any further precious time and directly initiate our guide.

What are the types of scams to be aware of?

Well, under this section, you will find the answer to your question about the scams prevailing in the market. Almost all of the traders, including the users of MetaMask Extension for browsers as well. Now take a glance at those fraudulent activities:

  1. You might receive a message on your mobile number that you’ve won some bonus on the crypto platform. Then on the message it will give you the link, prompting you to open it, and will ask you to log in to claim the bonus.
  2. Next, this type of scam is through email, here user will receive an email in their inbox, informing them about the introduction of an update on MetaMask extension (or any other wallet you use). Now, if you did not subscribe to the newsletter of the wallet, how are you receiving this mail? Isn’t it a valid question? Well if you agree with us, then you must avoid interaction with these kinds of emails. And even if you want to be more sure, just reach out to the official wallet page and look for the announcement of the new launch.
  3. The third common, scam is the receiving of funds out of nowhere in your wallet account. You might suddenly receive a huge amount of crypto balance in your wallet account. In this situation keep the funds untouched (do not try to transact with them) and report to the customer support section to raise a complaint about the unwanted funds in your MetaMask Extension or any other wallet account.

Preventive measures for online scams

After looking at the type of scams a user might have to go through, you need to learn some preventive measures that will keep the funds protected on the MetaMask extension for browsers. Here are those measures:

These were a few common security measures one could take as a crypto trader. In the blog section, you may find more articles about the topic.


To conclude our blog in short, we shed some guiding light on the phishing scams of MetaMask Extension and common actions to take for them. A user needs to follow these measures if they are on the software wallets. We all know how fragile the security of these wallets is. Thus, it would be much better for a trader to keep up with these tips, and use customer support to report suspicious activity.